THE COMPANY:   Bern Optics, Inc., founded in 1989 by Bernd Gottschalk and Heinz Gottschalk (1929-2007), is fully integrated to convert raw glass into high precision, exotically coated optical components, from prototype to volume production. Our special expertise enables us to produce unique submillimeter optical components ground and polished to dimensions as small as 0.20 mm. As one of the premier independent manufacturers of precision optics, Bern Optics has consistently remained in the forefront of micro-optics fabrication.

CRAFTSMANSHIP:   The skilled optician is the key to success in the optics industry, assuring efficient production and consistently high quality. Years of highly targeted employee recruitment have brought together an impressive group of technicians thoroughly skilled in all areas of the optical trade.

EXPERIENCE:   In addition to its polishing staff, Bern Optics employs specialists in glass forming, hand grinding, hand polishing, inspection and assembly. Highly competent through years of training and experience, these individuals take pride in their ability to produce optical elements that meet and even exceed customer quality requirements.

RESPECT:   Our success is founded upon manufacturing the highest quality optical components while treating both customers and employees with respect. We combine the best of old world dedication and craftsmanship with a commitment to remaining on the leading edge of technical advances in the field of submillimeter optics.